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Over 50% of parents report feeling confused and unsure about how their child uses, is expected to use, the internet as part of their homework. We recognises that the internet is important and a part of our daily life, but feel unsure about this as a teaching or learning tool.

Do these  scenes feel all too real to you?

(To access a description of both videos suitable for use with a screen reader please use this “https://highertraining.wordpress.com/home/home-page-video-descriptions/” rel=”attachment wp-att-225″>Home page video descriptions

You may identify with the mum in  the first clip and feel that you can’t help as you don’t understand what your child is being asked to do.   Alternatively perhaps you could be feeling like dad, who steps in to help out too easily leading to the question “whose work is it?”

This site has been developed to help parents support their children and help move them towards being thinking uers of the internet. It will provide you with advice and guidance covering:

  • an overview of how the internet  has changed teaching practices and how this impacts on your child
  • providing an insight into flipped learning (using the internet to research and prepare for future lessons)
  • the vital role you play as co-partner in your child’s education
  • how to encourage your child to think and challenge what is on the internet


To move around the site either use the menu across the top of the page or follow this link to develop your understanding of the background to this issue.

Banner image via Sutti
Think IT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non commercial 4.0 International Licence

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